Be the first to type/unscramble the word for rewards!


ChatReaction is a very configurable plugin that allows you to create an interactive "who can type the fastest" game where players have to type a random word in chat to win!


To install the plugin, simply download the plugin from Spigot and upload it to your /plugins folder.


Permission Description
chatreaction.admin Needed to use admin commands.
chatreaction.wins Check your wins via the /reaction wins command.
chatreaction.wins.others Check other players wins via the /reaction wins <player> command. See the top players with the /reaction top command.


Command Description
/reaction View the plugin information.
/reaction wins <player> View your own or another players wins.
/reaction top <page> View the top players.
/reaction status View the current status of the chat reaction.
/reaction start Start the chat reactions.
/reaction stop Stop the chat reactions.
/reaction reload Reload the config file.

Custom Words

To setup your own custom list of words simply create a text file in the following location: /plugins/ChatReaction/words.txt.
Then in your config.yml set use_custom_words: true.
Depending on how your word list is layed out also set split_words_by_line: to either true if you have a word on each line in the text file or false if they are seperated by a space only.
Then reload the config with /reaction reload.


To store player wins you need to setup a MySQL connection, this can be done via the config.yml

        track_stats: true
        top_players_size: 200
        hostname: localhost
        port: 3306
        database: chatreaction
        prefix: ''
        username: root
        password: ''