How to setup deluxechat.

  1. Put the DeluxeChat jar file you downloaded in your plugins folder. If you want to use it with BungeeCord, you'll have to put it in your BungeeCord's plugins folder too.

  2. Download PlaceholderAPI plugin and put it in your plugins folder (not on BungeeCord).

  3. Restart the servers.

  4. Modify the config.yml and the messages.yml files that were generated to fit your server's layout (Files path: /plugins/DeluxeChat/).

  5. Reload DeluxeChat /dchat reload (Some options require a restart to apply the changes).

  6. Give your players the permission for their chat format chatformat.<format-name>. (Note: Players need the chatformat.default to gain access to the default format. Also, operators do not get the chatformat permissions by default.)

  7. Check the Commands & Permissions page, to give players access to the commands you want them to use.

  8. And you're done! Give us a review about the plugin here.

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