Everything about channels, how they work, permissions they require, etc.


Channels are made out of 6 components, some of which are optional.

Channel Name

The channel name is also the channel identifier. This is what you use to find channels, it's also the name you use when giving people permission to see or send messages in a channel. Multiple channels should not have the same name.

Message Prefix (optional)

Also known as a quick prefix, the message prefix option is used to quickly send messages in different channels without having to switch to that channel before. Default Value: empty

Channel Prefix (optional)

Also known as a channel display name, is used for display purposes only. Currently the only use is inside the %chatchat_channel_prefix% placeholder. Default Value: empty

Channel Commands (optional)

Are commands that can be used to switch to the respective channel or to directly send a message in that channel. If for example, you have a staff-chat channel and you add the staff command as a channel command, users with access to the staff-chat channel can use /staff to switch to the staff-chat channel or they can use /staff <message> to send a message in the staff-chat channel. Default Value: empty list

Channel Radius (optional)

If a channel has a radius, the messages will only be sent to players within x blocks from the sender. Set radius to -1 to mark the channel as global instead. Default Value: -1

Channel Type (optional)

The channel type option is used to determin the channel's type. By default, ChatChat registers one channel type caleld default. When it finds Towny installed it registers 2 new channel types: towny_town and towny_nation. Other plugins can also use the API to register new channel types. Default Value: default


Channels have 2 main permissions and some secondary ones:


Ability to send messages in a channel.<channel-name>

Ability to see messages sent in a channel.

Ability to bypass the radius in a channel.

Default Channel

In your channels.yml file, you can specify the name of the default channel. You must also create a channel in there with that name. The default channel will be given to players when they first join the server and also messages sent by people with no permission to other channels will be sent in the default channel.

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