Ultimate prison mining and selling solution! /sellall + signs + blocks2inv + the original "AutoSell"


AutoSell is the selling solution for all prison servers, allows server owners to create permission-based shops were players are able to sell their items. AutoSell is also fully equipped with a wide range of extra features.


  • Highly customizable.

  • Auto selling.

  • Multiplier system.

  • Blocks to inventory.

  • Automatic ingots to blocks converter system.

  • Auto smelt system.

  • Supports all enchantments.

  • Easy to setup command-based shop system.

  • WorldGuard support.

  • VKBackPack support.


Required dependencies

  • Any vault compatible economy plugin

Optional dependencies


  1. Put the AutoSell jar file in your plugins folder.

  2. Restart the server.

  3. Open the config file found in plugins/AutoSell/.

  4. Enable the plugin you want to use to setup AutoSell shop regions (from hooks: section).

  5. Restart the server.

  6. Modify the other options and files to fit your server's layout.

  7. Reload AutoSell /ASA Reload (Some options might require a restart to apply the changes).

  8. Create your AutoSell shops (Look at Commands & Permissions page for the create command and other related commands for this).

    • To set the shop's region, name it with the same name of the region/mine (of the plugin you chose in hooks) you want to take its region.

  9. Check the Commands & Permissions page, to give your players access to commands/features you want them to use.

  10. And you're done! Give us a review about the plugin here.

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