Guilds [W.I.P Migration]

RPG, GUIs, Land Claims, Arenas, Guild Wars, MySQL and more!


Guilds were created to offer an RPG-type system to servers. It was inspired by players like you who enjoy creating a fun, exciting, and adventurous environment for your server. Guilds allow players to join interactive groups of other players, make their own communities on your server, and have a general fun time!


  • Per-Guild Hierarchy (Roles)

  • Tiers (Includes perks of your choosing)

  • Claims (via WorldGuard)

  • Banks

  • Vaults (As many as your choose!)

  • Buffs

  • Per-Guild Chat

  • Wars (via Arenas that you make)

  • Multilingual

  • Tons of GUIs!

  • JSON + MySQL + SQLite support!

Dependencies (soft)

You can read more about the dependencies in the plugin on the next page, or by clicking here.

Supported Platforms

  • Spigot

  • Paper

  • CatServer? (I'm leaving this here because I've been told by multiple sources that this plugin seems to be working on whatever this is). Note: I've been told this works on cracked servers to an extent but it is not tested, nor is it fully supported.


In Guilds, we always try to support as many languages as we can in order to support more people! The plugin currently supports 20 languages, but not all of them are always up-to-date on the translations. If you speak a language fluently other than English and are interested in translating, please join our discord and let us know so that we can give you information on how to do that!

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