Easy-to-follow-steps on how to get started with the plugin!

First-Time Setup

  1. Stop your server.

  2. Put the Guilds jar file that you downloaded into your plugins folder.

  3. Download the optional dependencies.

  4. Start your server.

  5. Modify the config.yml, language files, and all other files to your liking for your server. (All found in /plugins/Guilds/.


Plugin Dependencies

Vault: Is a soft dependency but highly recommended. It helps handle the economy and permissions. It's also used by basically all other plugins that utilize economy.

Economy Plugin: An economy plugin is highly encouraged to help make the plugin work properly. Some popular ones are EssentialsX and TheNewEconomy.

Permission Plugin: A permission plugin is highly encouraged to make the plugin run properly. The commands and other features all use permission nodes in order to work properly. A popular permission plugin is LuckPerms!

Server Dependencies

CPU: The plugin will run just fine on basically any modern CPU. It's optimized to be smooth and non-intensive to the server it runs on.

RAM: The project uses fairly little RAM. Via testing, the smallest it has run fine on was about 256MB if you were to have about 100 guilds or so running on the server.

Disk Space: The project uses very little space. It's optimized to keep itself clean and not bloat up your drive.

SQL Dependencies

MySQL: If you choose to use MySQL, please make sure your database version is 5.7.8 or higher.

MariaDB: If you choose to use MariaDB, please make sure your database version is 10.2.7 or higher.

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