• VoteParty Modes

  • This update will include a new feature to allow you to modify how partys work. The are now 3 different modes.

  • 1) "everyone" - everyone can join the party whether they voted or not
  • 2) "daily" - everyone who voted in the past 24 hours can join the party
  • 3) "party" - everyone who voted in this specific party can join the party
  • The config is defaulted to everyone, as that has been the normal logic of the plugin since we've gotten to this update.

  • Players that did not meet the requirements will be sent a message (configurable in the lang file)

  • Added a placeholder to get all of the votes of all time on the server (%voteparty_votes_total%)

  • Added support for 1.18

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with disabled worlds not listening properly for crates


  • Allow doubles to be used for percent changes in the config

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