List of all commands and the required permission that ChatChat has.

Admin Commands


/chatchat dump [filename]


Creates and posts a dump containing all files of the plugin or the file specified.

/chatchat test <format-name> <message>


Sends the message using the specified format.

/chatchat reload


Reload the ChatChat configuration

Player Commands


/whisper <player> <message>

/tell, /w, /msg, /message, /pm

Send a private message to another user.

/reply <message>


Send a reply to the last user that you messaged or sent you a message.


/toggledms, /togglepms

Toggle your private messages on and off.

/ignore <player>



Ignore a user.

/socialspy [on/off]

/sspy, /pmspy, /spy


Turn your own social spy on or off.

/togglemention personal

/toggleping personal


Toggle if you receive personal mentions or not.

/togglemention channel

/toggleping channel

Toggle if you receive channel mentions or not.

Channel Commands

In ChatChat, each channel can have its own commands. Those commands can be set when creating the channels in plugins/ChatChat/channels.yml under the toggle-command option.

To make sure channel commands are properly registered, restart the server after any modifications to them.

Command Overriding

If by any chance there are other plugins taking over a command that you want ChatChat to use, or vice versa, you can select which one is going to be used in the commands.yml bukkit file.

Example: Let's say you have a plugin that takes over the /msg command and you want ChatChat to take over. You open the commands.yml file and add the following under the aliases: option:

  - chatchat:msg $1-

Restart the server after modifying the commands.yml file to make sure all changes are properly applied!

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