Let players /prestige the EZ way


Keep it going! EZPrestige gives you the ability to add prestige levels to your server's rank up system, where players can start over as a prestige player when they reach a certain rank.

EzPrestige gives players the ability to prestige using /prestige. Features plenty of configurable requirements for prestiging, as well as placeholders to display the prestige info such as prefix, next prestige and much more.


  • Ability to create unlimited prestige levels!

  • Highly customizable.

  • Built-in GUI to display all prestige levels.

  • An option to confirm before upgrading to the next prestige level.

  • Supports any chat plugin to display the prestige level!

  • Supports any rank up system/plugin.

  • Ability for players to prestige

  • Highly customizable.

  • Placeholders to display prestige info

  • Compatible with rankup plugins (EzRanksPro, etc)

  • Permission based



EZPrestige requires any rank up system/plugin to work properly and fulfill its purpose.



  • To display the prestige tag within your deluxechat chat format, use the placeholder provided by the ezprestige expansion

  • download the expansion using /papi ecloud download ezprestige (make sure to reload PlaceholderAPI afterwards)

  • set the prestige placeholder %ezprestige_prestige% within your format

  • Put the EZPrestige jar file you downloaded in your plugins folder.

  • Download a rank up plugin (such as EZRanksPro) or set up your own.

  • Restart the server.

  • Modify the config.yml file that was generated to fit your server's layout (File path: /plugins/EZPrestige/).

  • Create your prestige levels in prestiges.yml file. Don't forget to give the players the prestige permission (ezprestige.prestige.<Prestige Number>) in the prestige_commands section!

  • Reload EZPrestige /prestige reload.

  • Check the Commands & Permissions page, to give players access to the commands you want them to use.

  • And you're done!

Essentials Chat

  • If you are using Essentials Chat you will need to do the following

  • Open the Essentials config and find the EssentialsChat section

  • Place the prestige placeholder for essentials chat {prestige} inside the format

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