Let players /prestige the EZ way


Keep it going! EZPrestige gives you the ability to add prestige levels to your server's rank up system, where players can start over as a prestige player when they reach a certain rank.
EzPrestige gives players the ability to prestige using /prestige. Features plenty of configurable requirements for prestiging, as well as placeholders to display the prestige info such as prefix, next prestige and much more.


    Ability to create unlimited prestige levels!
    Highly customizable.
    Built-in GUI to display all prestige levels.
    An option to confirm before upgrading to the next prestige level.
    Supports any chat plugin to display the prestige level!
    Supports any rank up system/plugin.
    Ability for players to prestige
    Highly customizable.
    Placeholders to display prestige info
    Compatible with rankup plugins (EzRanksPro, etc)
    Permission based



EZPrestige requires any rank up system/plugin to work properly and fulfill its purpose.



    To display the prestige tag within your deluxechat chat format, use the placeholder provided by the ezprestige expansion
    download the expansion using /papi ecloud download ezprestige (make sure to reload PlaceholderAPI afterwards)
    set the prestige placeholder %ezprestige_prestige% within your format
    Put the EZPrestige jar file you downloaded in your plugins folder.
    Download a rank up plugin (such as EZRanksPro) or set up your own.
    Restart the server.
    Modify the config.yml file that was generated to fit your server's layout (File path: /plugins/EZPrestige/).
    Create your prestige levels in prestiges.yml file. Don't forget to give the players the prestige permission (ezprestige.prestige.<Prestige Number>) in the prestige_commands section!
    Reload EZPrestige /prestige reload.
    Check the Commands & Permissions page, to give players access to the commands you want them to use.
    And you're done!

Essentials Chat

    If you are using Essentials Chat you will need to do the following
    Open the Essentials config and find the EssentialsChat section
    Place the prestige placeholder for essentials chat {prestige} inside the format

Useful Guides

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