All item related options & configurations


    material: TEXT
    slot: #

Note: Each item will have a name, in this example our item is called ItemName. This name should be unique, so there won't be two or more items with the same name.


material: TEXT

Supported material values:

  • Material name (STONE).

  • Player head (head-extended_clip).

    • Placeholder head (head-%player_name%, basehead-%player_basehead_placeholder%, etc.).

  • Argument placeholder head (head-{target}).

  • BaseHead (basehead-<base64 (Value field in the head's give command)>).

  • Minecraft Texture (texture-<id>) - The id is what's after

  • HeadDatabase (hdb-<ID>).

  • ItemsAdder material (itemsadder-namespace:name)

  • Oraxen material (oraxen-oraxen_item_id)

  • Placeholder material (placeholder-%player_item_in_hand%).

  • Item in main hand (main_hand).

  • Item in off hand (off_hand).

  • Items in armor equipment slots (armor_helmet, armor_chestplate, armor_leggings and armor_boots)

  • Water bottle material is: water_bottle

  • Air material is: air

Sets the material of the item in the menu.

AIR is a valid material. The item will be an empty slot with click commands and click requirements working.

Placeholders are supported for head, basehead, texture, hdb, itemsadder, oraxen and placeholder materials!

For version 1.12.2 or older: Check Data option to specify the data of the item (the number after the colon :). e.g. Lime Wool would be

material: WOOL
data: 5


data: #

Supported data values:

  • Number (1).

  • Placeholder that returns a number (placeholder-%player_item_in_hand_data%).

Sets the durability of the item (depends on the Material option).

For version 1.12.2 or older: This option will specify the data value (the number after the colon :) of the item or the item's durability (depends on the Material option).


amount: #

Sets the item's amount in the menu.

Dynamic Amount

dynamic_amount: '%placeholder%'

Sets the item's amount in the menu using a placeholder.

Model Data

model_data: #

Allows you to set a CustomModelData for your item. Example of usage: model_data: 14

NBT Tags

nbt_string: '<Key>:<StringValue>'
- '<Key>:<StringValue>'
- '<Key>:<StringValue>'
nbt_int: '<Key>:<IntegerValue>'
- '<Key>:<IntegerValue>'
- '<Key>:<IntegerValue>'

Allows you to add custom NBT tags to your items like model data.

Deprecated! Should use the new model_data option instead for CustomModelData. You can still use it for other tags tho.

The nbt tags options support PlaceholderAPI placeholders now!

- <dyecolor>;<patterntype>
- <dyecolor>;<patterntype>

Allows you to create your custom banners and shields.

Now with support for SHIELDS! Make sure to also check the new base_color option.

Base Color

base_color: <dyecolor>

Allows you to specify base colors for shields and also for banners on 1.12.2 and lower versions.

Item Flags

- <ItemFlag>
- <ItemFlag>

Allows you to set item flags.

Potion Effects

- <PotionEffectType>;<duration>;<amplifier>
- <PotionEffectType>;<duration>;<amplifier>

Allows you to set effects (Used if the material is a potion, splash_potion and tipped arrows).

Potion Effects no longer require the RGB option to be set to work!

Entity Type

entity_type: <entitytype>

This is mainly targeted for 1.12.2 and lower server versions and allows you to specify monster egg types and monster spawner types.

Option was removed in versions 1.14.0 and newer of the plugin due to versions 1.13.1 and lower of Minecraft no longer being supported.


rgb: #, #, #


rgb: 38, 192, 210

Sets the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color for leather armor, potions, splash potions, tipped arrows and firework stars

For RGB option to work on potions and tipped arrows you also need to give it at least one potion_effect.

You can find a list of default potion colors HERE. You will have to use an online converter to convert the hex values to rgb.

Display Name

display_name: "TEXT"

Sets the item's display name. You can use placeholders and color/format codes.


  - "TEXT"
  - "TEXT"

Sets the item's lore (the text shown under the item's name). You can use placeholders and color/format codes and the new line character (\n) in this option.


slot: #

Multiple slots:

  - #
  - #
  - #
# OR
  - #-#
  - #-#

Sets in which slot the item should be inside the menu.

  • Slots start at 0.

  • Multiple items can be in the same slot, but you'll have to use view requirement and priority options to work properly.


priority: #

Sets the item priority. It's used if you want different items in the same slot (by using the view requirement option). The item that has the highest priority will be checked first if the player has the required view requirement. It will display the item if they have the requirements and if not, it will check the next item and so on.

  • The highest priority is 0.

  • The lowest priority is 2147483647.

View Requirement

view_requirement: 'EXPRESSION'

Sets the requirements the player should have to see the item. (Check priority option for setting up multiple items in the same slot). Check the Requirements page for more info about this option's value and how to use it.


update: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will update the placeholders in the item's display name and lore only. Check the update interval GUI option to set the update speed.


  - enchantmentid;level
  - enchantmentid;level

Enchants the item with the specified enchantments. (Check the hide enchantments option to hide the enchantments)

Some items cannot have the enchanting glow effect

Hide Enchantments

hide_enchantments: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will hide the enchantments you set for the item using the enchantments option from the item's tooltip (lore). Used to add the enchanting glow effect to the item without showing the enchantments text.

Hide Attributes

hide_attributes: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will hide the vanilla attributes of an item/armor (e.g. 7 Attack Damage).

Hide Effects

hide_effects: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will hide the potion's effect text beneath the item name.

Hide Unbreakable

hide_unbreakable: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will hide the unbreakable tag if the "unbreakable:" option is enabled.


unbreakable: BOOLEAN # true or false

If set to true, it will show the item to be at full durability.

(Shift) Left/Middle/Right click Commands

# click_commands: or
# left_click_commands: or
# right_click_commands: or
# middle_click_commands: or
# shift_left_click_commands: or

Sets the actions/commands that should be executed once the player clicks the item. they get executed in order from top to bottom. Check this for all action types and action tags.

Middle clicking was removed by Mojang in 1.18 and newer!

(Shift) Left/Middle/Right click Requirement

# click_requirement: or
# left_click_requirement: or
# right_click_requirement: or
# middle_click_requirement: or
# shift_left_click_requirement: or
  requirements: 'EXPRESSION'

Sets the requirements the player should have to click the item (Check the Requirements page for more info about the EXPRESSION value). Deny commands (optional) are the actions that are going to be executed if the player doesn't have the required requirements. But if (s)he does, it will execute the actions specified in the click commands option.

You can have deny commands per requirement. Check this page for more information.

Check this for all action types and action tags.

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