• Implemented the ability to set MULTIPLE COMMANDS per chance in the random rewards section for parties and votes. (PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CONFIG JUST TO BE SAFE)

Implemented the ability to give extra rewards based on the website the player voted on! (I have started a list in the config of known service names for popular voting websites, please let me know if I'm missing any. (Note: This will only work for players who vote while online)

  • Implemented the ability to give extra rewards to players if it's their first time voting!

Bug Fixes


  • It was brought to my attention that the way the dates for the Leaderboard were implemented incorrectly. This update makes a big change for this. The way it currently has worked is it would get the past 24 hours / day / month from THE CURRENT TIME OF REQUEST. This new update will properly calculate the time different at the beginning of the day, week, and month.


  • To make this update possible, the VoteReceivedEvent has been updated to pass in the vote from NuVotifier. You can see the updated event on the wiki.

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