• Implemented a brand spanking new Leaderboard system! This allows you to display votes for daily, weekly, monthly, and alltime (365 days for now).

  • Leaderboards can be utilized via placeholders! After asking the opinion of some people, they said it was best to not implement a GUI myself for this. So, for now, you can use a plugin like DeluxeMenus or whatnot to display this!

  • PLEASE REFER TO THE WIKI FOR THE NEW LEADERBOARD PLACEHOLDERS (https://wiki.helpch.at/glares-plugins/voteparty)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the plugin always thinking the version was out of date


  • Implemented PrePartyEvent

  • Implemented PartyStartEvent

  • Implemented PartyEndEvent


  • Cancelling the PrePartyEvent OR the PartyStartEvent will cancel parties that are ran on all players. This will not affect parties given via /vp giveparty

  • Leaderboard data is cached and updated every 2 minutes. This might be configurable in a future update.

Changes Updated PlaceholderAPI dependencies to ensure everything works

Closing Notes Please direct all complaints about bugs to @BrettPlayMC#0292 If you have any suggestions such as commands and whatnot for Leaderboards, let me know!

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