Options & Configurations

About the plugin's options and configurations

DeluxeMenus is a highly customizable plugin, it has many options and configurations to give you the ability to change everything you want to make your custom menus that fits your server's layout. It has GUI options to manage the GUI menu, and Item options to manage every single item on the GUI menu.

Useful links

Values keywords




Replace this with true or false (If used with a PlaceholderAPI placeholder, this will be yes or no instead of true/false [It's changeable from PlaceholderAPI config file, but yes/no are the default values]).


Replace this with any text. Check the description to find out if you can use color/formatting codes.


Replace this with a number. Check the description to see if there are limits.


Replace this with a command without slash (/).


Replace this with a sound name.


Replace this with a java/placeholder expression/comparison. See this page for more information.

Actions types



[player] <command>

Executes a command as the player.

[console] <command>

Executes a command from the console.

[commandevent] <command>

Executes an unregistered command as the player.

[message] <text>

Sends a message to the player. You can use placeholders and color/format codes here.

[openguimenu] <menu-name>

Opens another GUI from DeluxeMenus.

[connect] <server-name>

Connects the player to a server on the same BungeeCord.


Closes the currently opened GUI.

[json] <JSON-text>

Send a json message to the player. Use this website to easily generate the JSON text.


Refresh items in the current menu view. This updates the shown Items themselves.

[broadcastsound] <sound> <pitch> <volume>

Broadcast a sound to all players on the server.

[sound] <sound> <pitch> <volume>

Play a sound for the player.

[takemoney] <amount>

Take a certain amount of money from the player. Vault is required for this action to work.

[givemoney] <amount>

Give a certain amount of money to the player. Vault is required for this action to work.

[meta] <set/remove/add/subtract/switch> <key> <type> <value>

Modifies the player's meta. add/subtract are for number types. switch is for boolean, it will swap it from true/false. Check here for more detail.

[chat] <message>

Send a message in chat as the player who this action got executed for.

Action tags

These tags can be added with the action (e.g. - '[message] example<delay=20>').




Executes the action after the specified delay (in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second).


Sets a chance to execute the action.


If you want to use RGB/Hex colors in DeluxeMenus on 1.16+ you can use the following format: "&#aaFF00"


There is one available placeholder from DeluxeMenus:

  • %deluxemenus_meta_<key>_<dataType>_<default_value>%

General options


debug: BOOLEAN

Default value: false

Enables/Disables debug mode. Sends debug messages to the console.

Check updates

check_updates: BOOLEAN

Default value: true

Enables/Disables checking new updates for the plugin. Notifies any operator if there is an update available.