The original "json" chat formatting plugin


DeluxeChat allows you to fully customize your chat with a powerful formatting system with support for adding tooltip messages when you hover over different sections of chat.


To install the plugin, simply download the plugin from Spigot and upload it to your /plugins folder.


Permission Description
chatformat.default The default chat format given to everyone.
chatformat.<formatidentifier> Give a certain chat format to a player.
deluxechat.color Allows the player to use & color codes in chat.
deluxechat.formatting Allows players to use & formating codes in chat.
deluxechat.utf Ability to use special utf characters in chat.
deluxechat.admin Ability to use /dchat commands.
deluxechat.hidden Ability to see hidden tooltip messages.
deluxechat.filter.bypass Ability to bypass the chat filter if enabled.
deluxechat.url Ability to send clickable links in chat. Ability to send clickable links in private messages. Ability to chat globally if bungee is enabled.
deluxechat.bungee.toggle Ability to chat globally if bungee is enabled.
deluxechat.bungee.override Always send to all players when in global chat even if player is in server only chat. Ability to use /msg and /reply to private message.
deluxechat.socialspy: Ability to use /socialspy to see private conversations.
deluxechat.socialspy.onjoin Will toggle socialspy on for the player when they join the server.


Command Description
/dchat View plugin version and other information.
/dchat reload Reload DeluxeChat configuration.
/gtoggle Switch from global to local chat if bungee is enabled.
/msg <player> <message> Send a player a private message.
/reply <message> Reply to a private message.
/socialspy Spy on private messages.


From DeluxeChat v1.12.0 or higher you can use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder.
Older versions of DeluxeChat can only make use of the older placeholder system that are documented here

Bungee Chat

To use DeluxeChat across a bungee network you will need to place DeluxeChat.jar in the bungee /plugins/ folder aswell as the other servers /plugins/ folder. Editing the format is needed to be done from each Spigot server, the Bungee server will not generate a config as it's not required to be configured.