Ultimate prison mining and selling solution! /sellall + signs + blocks2inv + the original "AutoSell"


AutoSell is the selling solution for all prison servers, allows server owners to create permission based shops were players are able to sell their items. AutoSell is also fully equip with a wide range of extra features such as: Automatic Selling, Blocks to Inventory, Ingots to Blocks, Multiplier System, Auto Smelt and loads more.


To install the plugin simply download the plugin from Spigot and upload it to your /plugins folder.

Required Dependencies

  • Vault
  • An economy plugin that supports Vault

Optional Dependencies


Permission Description
autosell.toggle Toggle AutoSell on/off
autosell.sellall Sell all items in your inventory to the shop at your location or shop you have permission to<shopname> If you want players to be able to /sellall at any location to the current rank mine/shop they have permission for, simply give each group
autosell.autosmelt Toggle AutoSmelt on/off if its enabled
autosell.autosmelt.all Permission to autosmelt all ores
autosell.autosmelt.<material> Permission to autosmelt specific blocks
autosell.autoblocks Convert ingots in your inventory to blocks with /autoblocks to toggle on/off
autosell.bptoggle Ability to toggle on / off selling backpack items along with your inventory when using /sellall or clicking sell signs.
autosell.multiplier.self Check your own multiplier
autosell.multiplier.others check other players multipliers
autosell.admin Access to all admin commands to manage shop/multiplier/sign management
autosell.signs.admin Access to sign management
autosell.signs.sell Permission to use Sell Signs
autosell.signs.sell.<shop> Permission to use only specific Sell Signs