The plugin's configuration file!
# DeluxeQueues
# Creator: Glare
# Contributors:
# Issues:
# Spigot:
# Discord:
# Would you like to check for updates?
update-check: true
# How many seconds should be inbetween each queue movement?
delay-length: 2
# List all the servers here that you would like to have a queue for.
# This is also where you specify how many players need to be on each server.
# You also set the max slots of the server here, make sure it always stays the same as the actual max.
# Synxtax: server name; amount of players to start the queue at; max slots of server
# Example: hub;50;200
- ''
# What would you like the donator permission node to be?
# Donators will be moved to the front of the queue!
# What would you like the staff permission node to be?
# Staff will bypass the queue!
staff-permission: deluxequeues.staff
# How would you like to inform the player that they are in the queue?
# Currently supports: ACTIONBAR, TEXT, TITLE
# How would you like the design for the ActionBar to look?
design: 'Current Position: {pos} / {total}'
# How would you like the design for the text to look?
design: You are currently in position {pos} out of {total}
# How would you like the design for the title to look?
title: Current in queue
subtitle: 'Position: {pos} / {total}'